Creating web experiences for the enterprise of enterprises.

From updating content in product pages to developing an online event with 121k attendees, I worked on a wide range of projects at IBM, collaborated with amazing folks, and led impactful initiatives.

  • Think 2022

    Creating the digital experience for IBM's flagship event with bleeding-edge tech.

  • Interactive event app

    Highlighting key offerings to convert interested attendees into blown away clients.

  • QA Helper

    Automating QA tasks in browser to help engineers focus on what matters. Typesafelly, of course.

  • Open Source Exploration initiative

    Nerding about cool tech to the point it became an actual job activity when our studio decided to focus on unique experiences.

  • Other contributions

    1. Was responsible for the development and technical decisions for ibm.com/events.
    2. Trained colleagues in React, Typescript, and NextJS through presentations, one on one sessions, and collaborative work.
    3. Maintained, used, and improved template repositories used to create whitepapers and other deliverables.
    4. Created pages and maintained one of a kind assets made in collaboration with external agencies for ibm.com /industries, /consulting and /services.

Dozens of individuals are responsible for my growth, and I'm thankful to have met people who changed how I approach my work. Two that hold a special place in my development are Rafael Merz  and Sebastian Huynh ;

  1. Rafael's management style allowed me to pursue quality work and taught me the joy of ownership; My best work happened under his leadership. Together we delivered experiences that set a new standard for our organization.
  2. Sebastian's mentorship taught me how to speak, how to think about design, and from observing him, how to be a better person. I'm lucky to have worked with Sebastian and even luckier to call him a friend.

Leaving was a hard decision, but after two years of aquiring new responsibilities and skills, with no change in pay, I decided to move on. A job at a company this big is transactional relationship after all.

…And getting paid 7K USD a year as a major contributor to high-impact projects in a multi-billion company freaked me out. Feeling like a cost savings measure as a third-party offshore contractor in Brazil isn't the best for self worth. But don't tell anyone, this is a secret!