“Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in the me that believes in you”

Is a cheesy quote from an over the top animation that had way too much of an impact on me recently.

Throughout my development, I had the privilege to consider a few people “mentors” and even if we didn’t talk frequently, their sheer existence made me grow. Of course, their direct input played a big role, but something maybe more important is the fact that I can ignore my own limits by acknowledging that they trust me; Who the fuck am I to say that I can’t do something if THEY think I can?

Taking this idea further, I often find myself adding my own thoughts on top of things people I admire say or giving my own meaning to their words, somehow this makes me more confident in ideas that were my own to begin with.

The people who make others grow the most didn’t master being meaningful, but presenting the opportunity for meaning.

I’ll eventually outgrow this, but right now, I’m happy to use such amazing people as facades that enable trust in myself, even if indirectly.